Hello everyone.  Boy, have I been absent in this space lately.  It goes without saying that life has taken over and I’ve been super busy.  Many days I would think about the blog, and would try to squeeze in a few moments to write a post.  Each time something would happen, and I would get distracted and unable to finish.  My plans are to catch up and show you all the neat, fun memories we have been making.  This next week, I’m planning a catch up week.  I hope you enjoy reading these even though they’re a few months late. 

Take Care, Friends~


   3 years later.  Each day we say your name.  I say it to them or they say it to me.  Usually they ask me a question, “Hey Mom did Dad ever go here, or Mom how did Dad like too, was this like Dad’s?”  They share with me their sweet genuine stories and fond memories of you.  They speak very clearly so that Bess will understand how much they loved you, and how awesome you were.  She asks them a lot of questions, you can tell how she wishes she knew you…and how she longs to know you.  The boys are willing though,  and ready to answer any questions she has with great details. Our children are amazing, so resilient coping in ways only they know how.  I am so thankful they have this ability, for I believe this is what has helped them make it through the last 3 years.

As for me, I’m here making the best of our days.   We keep on celebrating your life and everything you have taught us.  The short time we spent with you is immeasurable. 

So we keep having rock parties with your guitars and celebrate you by listening to the Flaming Lips and remembering what a wonderful father, husband, teacher and friend you were. 

You will always be missed and You will always be loved.

This year I wasn’t feeling it.  With our incredibly busy schedules I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit making 3 homemade costumes along with Birthday parties and just daily life.  But, I did it…not sure how, but it worked out.  Their costumes were fairly easy this year.  Charlie was a hobo, Sam was a sports coach (guess who!) , and Bess a mermaid.  I was able to pull these costumes off fairly quickly thanks to the Fabric Store and our local Salvation Army.  I sewed Bess’ costume in an afternoon and although it was a long stretch from being perfect she loved it and that was all that mattered!  She’s so appreciative, my girl.  Charlie actually won the funniest costume contest at a friend’s party.  All and all Sam received the most laughs…he’s naturally funny you know!  We enjoyed the company of some dear friends Halloween night and it was a great time. 

I hope you had a creative Halloween!~

1.  Enjoying this cooler/cold wave we are having.

2.  Preparing for the “Birthday Party” month, coming right up.

3.  Savoring the last 2 weeks before I will be a year older, really?

4.  Believing that my children are growing faster then I can keep up with them.

5.  Planning to relax this long weekend, but we”ll see.

6.  Celebrating with Bess as she discovers reading…what an amazing thing.

7.  Watching Charlie and Sam carve a piece of  wood into a shovel…very neat.

8.  Listening to the new Wilco album.

9.  Trusting that I can use these last few apples…apples, apples, apples!

10.  Hoping to do a little sewing this long weekend.

Hope your day is going well, Friends~

A couple of weekends ago we had a small fire in the backyard.  The boys built a very small fire pit with bricks.  It was a bit of a windy night so, I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work.  The boys were thrilled to have a fire as sitting around a fire is so special to them.  This is something they used to do with their Dad quite a few times.

  Fall peaked its head out that night and there was a bit of a chill in the air.  We roasted marshmallows and had friends over.  I really like spontaneous nights without any plans.


We did it again this year.  We were a little later than usual but we made it.  I took the children apple picking in the mountains of NC.  The summer was hot there, so the apple season ended sooner this year.  Luckily, we were able to pick quite a few apples.  Charlie, Sam and Bess look so forward to apples this time of year.  Apple picking is an activity that they will not let me forget.  Little do they know it is also one of my favorite things to do with them.  There is something very special about walking through the apple trees, it’s almost magical.

With so many apples I’m planning on making some applesauce to freeze, apple pie filling  and apple bread.  Of course, these apples are going fast though.  Can one eat too many apples in a day?  Who knows, memories were made again this year and that truly is the most important thing.

She’s dancing, or should I say tapping.  This year she has started tap dancing.  This new adventure is suiting her well.  She loves going to dance and especially loves her new tap shoes.  Dancing is something she does all the time…trust me she is always moving.